Product Lines

Quick Integrated Solution provides Colorado and Southern Wyoming an extensive range of wholesale plumbing and heating products. We strive to provide exemplary service for each and every one of our clients.

Trenton Pipe Nipple Company

Trenton Pipe Nipple Company, LLC manufactures brass and stainless steel pipe nipples and syphons made from various alloys. Our custom fabrication department can bend, broach, braze, solder, and weld a wide range of materials such as brass, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. In addition, the company is a master distributor and stocks an extensive inventory of brass pipe, nipples and both imported and domestic bronze threaded fittings — all of which are available chrome plated.

Quick-Trench Pre-sloped Drainage SystemQuick-TrenchTM Pre-sloped Drainage System is an innovative, new system designed to simplify linear drain installations under finished concrete, pavers, decking, or other hard surfaces.

  • 6" and 12" Pre-Sloped Polypropylene

T & C PlasticsTown & Country Plastics, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of pollution treatment/handling equipment and systems, as well as corrosion/acid resistant products. Neutralization Tanks, Systems and Accessories, Interceptors, Drains, Traps, Sinks, Piping and More Customized To Your Exact Needs

  • Storm Water Reclaim Systems
  • Grey Water Systems
  • Fiberglass Tanks
  • Steel Tanks
  • Polypro Valves, Fittings
  • Tanks, Sumps, Basins, Interceptors
  • Sinks and Drains

CalefactioCalefactio provides quality residential, commercial and industrial plumbing products. Since 1928, their experience and expertise allow them to offer a broad and reliable range of products.

  • ASME/Non-ASME Expansion Tanks
  • Glycol Feeders
  • Hydronic Accessories
  • Condensate Neutralizers

Delta P Carver - Booster Pump SystemsDelta P Carver is a world-class manufacturer of domestic water booster pumping systems. With our roots in service, we earned our reputation for RELIABILITY, SIMPLICITY, SAFETY and DURABILITY by spending time in the field with our competitors' equipment.  Our standard booster packages are among the most advanced pumping packages in the industry.

  • Pressure Booster Systems
  • Simplex, Duplex, Triplex Variable Speed

Seisco International - Tankless TechnologiesThe SEISCO award winning tankless electric water heating product line incorporates superior technology that has earned five U.S. and many more foreign patents.

ThermOmegaTech ValvesThermOmegaTech’s valve technology is used in commercial plumbing and other industrial applications where temperature control is critical, including, but not limited to, freeze protection, scald protection, steam traps, ambient sensing, and surface sensing. Our mixing valves for both water/water and steam/water applications have been incorporated into Washdown Stations for warm water washdown and Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters, which provide tepid water for safety showers and eyewashes.

Diversified Heat TransferDiversified Heat Transfer has been manufacturing, engineering and designing heating and cooling coils for over 30 years. Throughout the industry, DHT is known for superior quality and service.

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Tube Bundles
  • Heating/Cooling Coils
  • Hot Water Generators
  • Steam Generators
  • Indirect Heaters

Safe 'N' SoundSafe ‘N’ Sound Flood Prevention Kits™ The most complete point of use automatic shut-off system designed to prevent floods by detecting, containing and stopping leaks. These kits are perfect for residential homes, condos, and apartments.

Metcraft IndustriesMetcraft Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of stainless steel plumbing products for the correctional market, hospitals, schools, rest areas, sports arenas, and even in some homes.Our products are designed to provide the most reliable, durable and sanitary features that are demanded by our customers.

  • Stainless Steel Plumbing Products
  • Correctional Market, Hospital, Schools
  • Rest Areas, Sports Arena, Specified Homes

AmtekcoAmtekco Industries manufactures supermarket equipment and fixtures. Amtekco provides design, sales, service, fabrication and shipping functions for supermarket display fixtures, cases, back room sinks and tables.

  • Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Scullery Sinks
  • Stainless Steel Trough Drains
  • Custom Stainless Steel/Sold Surface

Quick-Fill Sandbagger SystemsQuick-Fill™ Sandbagger System is the perfect tool to meet your community’s needs. This product allows you to fill, 12 40 lb sandbags in less than a minute. It produces sandbags of equal weight and size, every time, to create effective, interlocking “sand bricks” and dependable barriers.

Twin City Hose  Twin City Hose is a leading manufacturer and supplier of corrugated flexible metal hose, metal braided connectors, metal, rubber, and PTFE expansion joints.

Ashland Pump Ashland Pump manufactures a complete line of Utility, Battery Backup, Sump, Effluent, Sewage, Grinder and Small Non-Clog pumps up to 20 HP along with a complete line of accessories. All of our products are manufactured in a CSA/CUS approved ISO9000 facility.

  • Sumps Pumps/Sewage Pumps
  • Simplex and Duplex Systems
  • Fiberglass Basins and Lids

Bock Water Heaters Bock Water Heaters is employee-owned. Each employee has a personal stake in providing customers an exceptional product experience. The result is a culture where product quality and customer satisfaction is an obsession.

  • ASME/Non-ASME Storage Tanks
  • Gas Fired Water Heaters
  • Oil Fired Water Heaters
  • Indirect Heaters
  • Electric Water Heaters

Encore Premium Plumbing Products Encore Premium Plumbing Products is a manufacturer of Commercial Grade Faucets, Drains, Hose Reels, Stainless Steel Service Sinks & Accessories. Encore Premium Plumbing Products is a division of Component Hardware.

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